Friday, November 29, 2013

Reflections on Giving Thanks at Thanks Giving

Thanksgiving really is a remarkable holiday. It is a day that the entire country observes. A day that reminds us to reflect on the great ways that God has blessed us as a people. God has seen fit to preserve this day on our calendar. We should thank God that He has preserved this day. It is easy to think about all the ways that things are bad or wrong. Certainly those things often need our attention. But God has also blessed us in many ways and this day of Thanksgiving is one of them. Giving thanks is important for us. It is so important that there were guys in the Old Testament set aside for the whole purpose of giving thanks. You can read about them in 1 Chronicles 16:41. Giving thanks to God specifically causes us to look to God. It is always a healthy thing for us when our gaze is cast heavenward. To think of Jesus and the work that He has done for us should fill our hearts with gratitude. Perhaps you did not take the time to think of all that God has blessed you with this Thanksgiving. Take the time right now and turn your eyes to Him in thanks. One more way we can be reminded to live a God focused life.

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